Element Specialist Income SCI Fund

The Fund Objective

The Element Specialist Income SCI Fund is a South African Multi Asset fund that will provide investors with the opportunity to achieve moderate capital appreciation with a high level of income. The fund is actively managed and aims to achieve the highest sustainable income pay-out that is possible without eroding the fund’s inflation adjusted capital base. The fund aims to grow this income and the underlying capital of the fund in line with inflation (CPI).

ASISA Fund Category

  • South African – Multi Asset – Low Equity

Risk Profile


  • 110% STeFi

Investment Universe

  • The Fund complies with the legislation governing retirement funds i.e. Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act (Act 24 of 1956).
  • Along with the traditional income instruments, the Fund can also invest in listed property, ordinary and preference shares, and offshore instruments, subject to specific limits.
  • Individual asset class limits:

– Ordinary and Preference Shares: 0% – 10%
– Listed Properties: 0% – 25%
– Foreign Holdings: 0% – 25%


  • The annual management fee of the fund is 0.75%, excluding VAT

– This is a flat fixed fee per month, as we do not impose any performance related fees on our unit trusts.

Fund manager

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For further information, please view our Fund Fact Sheets/ Mandatory Disclosure Documents