Element Islamic SCI Funds

Element investment managers have a long-term proven track record with respect to managing Shari’ah-compliant funds. We have managed Shari’ah compliant funds for more than 15 years.We are unique in the South African Shari’ah environment in that we have both an external Independent Shari’ah Supervisory and Advisory Board and an Internal Shari’ah Department. We are the only SA investment manager to be awarded full Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). We believe this is testament to our rigorous and market leading Shari’ah screening, credit and investment process.In terms of products, we are one of the few asset managers with a Sharia’h compliant global equity fund. Also, we were the first to launch a Murabaha Sukuk cash investment product in South Africa (SA).Another attractive feature is that none of our funds charge performance fees and thus one is provided with a cost-effective way to invest.

Element recognises that investors do not have the same investment horizons and motives, and therefore has several products to match the needs of the individual client. From investors with a long-term horizon who can take on risk to investors who are looking to grow their retirement savings in a safe manner while providing regular, sufficient income, Element has structured a product to maximise the outcomes of the client. Please read further for the risk and return profiles and objectives of Element’s various unit trust funds.

Islamic Unit Trust Risk-Return Profile

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Shari’ah Unit Trust Summary

ASISA CategoryBenchmark Risk Profile Max Foreign Exposure Max Equity Exposure Regulation28 Compliant Shari’ah Compliant Management Fee (ex VAT) Inception Date
Element Islamic Global Equity SCI FundGlobal – Equity General Dow Jones Islamic Market World Index (in ZAR) High 100% 100% Shari’ah Compliant 1.75% Oct 2012
Element Islamic Equity Equity SCI FundSouth African – Equity GeneralAverage of Shari’ah General Equity Funds with at least a 1year track recordMedium High 25% 100% Shari’ah Compliant 1.50% Feb 2006
Element Islamic Balanced Equity SCI FundMulti Asset – High EquityAverage of Shari’ah Balanced Funds with at least a 1year track recordMedium 25% 75% Reg28 Compliant Shari’ah Compliant 1.50% Apr 2010

Our Unit Trusts

Element Islamic Equity Equity SCI Fund

Element Islamic Balanced Equity SCI Fund Fund

Element Islamic Global Equity SCI Fund

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