Element Global Equity SCI Fund

The Fund Objective

The Element Global Equity SCI Fund is a rand denominated global general equity fund that invests in a concentrated portfolio of highest conviction global equity securities. The fund will focus on achieving long-term capital appreciation without concentrating on income requirements. The fund aims to achieve this growth for investors by investing in a spread of equity securities across the globe, listed on exchanges that are full members of the World Federation of Exchanges, thereby creating an internationally diversified portfolio for investors.

Our asset allocation funds – the Element Flexible SCI Fund, Element Balanced SCI Fund and Element Real Income SCI Fund – currently invest in the Element Global Equity SCI Fund as their foreign equity asset allocation strategy.

ASISA Fund Category

  • Global – Equity – General

Risk Profile


  • MSCI World Index Total Return (in ZAR)

Investment Universe

  • The Fund is a long only global equity fund.
  • Individual asset class limits:

– Equities: 0% – 100%
– Foreign Holdings: 0% – 100%


  • The annual management fee of the fund is 1.75%, excluding VAT

– This is a flat fixed fee per month, as we do not impose any performance related fees on our unit trusts

Fund manager

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For further information, please view our Fund Fact Sheets/ Mandatory Disclosure Documents