CPD Points

CPD Points Explained

Continued Professional Development is defined as “the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills necessary for the execution of professional, managerial and technical duties throughout a member’s career”.

Why CPD?

    ⧓    CPD plays a vital role in the FPI’s pursuit of on-going professional competence.

    ⧓    The CPD requirement serves the public interest by assuring the public that members of the FPI are professionals who are dedicated and who are staying abreast of changes in a rapidly changing field.

    ⧓    The international CFP board of standards require that CFP professionals adhere to the continued professional development requirement.

CPD Point Requirement

The following CPD Points are required:

    ⧓    CFP® Professional : 35 CPD Points

Activities for which CPD Points may be claimed

The CPD Points are allocated at 1 CPD Point per relevant ‘teaching’ hour per event. The FPI reserves the right to confirm these Points.

    ⧓    Attendance of seminars, presentations and updates

    ⧓    Attendance of workshops with and without assessment activities

    ⧓    Attendance at conventions and conferences on financial planning and related topics

    ⧓    Satisfactory completion of courses presented by educational institutions

    ⧓    Online programmes offered by FPI

    ⧓    Presenting / Teaching / Lecturing (repeat presentations do not receive CPD points)

    ⧓    Professional Exams

    ⧓    FPI Technical Committee

    ⧓    Authorship

    ⧓    Undertaking online programmes, viewing financial planning educational videos, audio tapes (including radio and television programmes) and computerised learning packages
    ⧓    Professional reading on financial planning programmes. (This does not include reading required to complete tertiary or professional developement programmes as well as preparation for any exam).

Details on how to calculate points for each activity can be found in Section 4 of the ‘Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Policy Click here to download the Policy.

    ⧓    View Financial Planning Institute website here.

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